Comic 11 - A Day of Lucy 3-8-10

8th Mar 2010, 3:52 PM
A Day of Lucy 3-8-10
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em11 8th Mar 2010, 3:52 PM edit delete
Okay, I decided to put my comments on here now because it's only fair. I have a 2nd different series about written up. But be warned: It might be long.
For the people that don't know Hetalia (which you might not), he is Japan from Axis Powers Hetalia. He is like the Hobbes for her. (You know, like Calvin and Hobbes) But he is in her head.
Natalie is calling her a kid because Lucy is 2 years older than her and Natalie is 22.
Then we have Ruby. :D Yay! You all finally get to see one of her cousins in normal form! XD
I noticed, you guys like how I COLOR?! I don't use a computer so I don't use Photoshop. :P I hated coloring the lines AGAIN and coloring by it one by one than it looks like you just made a mess. X( Not that I hate it, I prefer coloring pencils.
Now are you guys starting to get it?
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